Fresh name! Fresh company! Fresh Designs!

Chachu, an all new website featuring the up and coming clothing company. We ‘re gonna be posting our new designs, news and anything and everything about chachu on the site. Add the link to your favorites and be prepared to be blown away.

A little bio on the founders and the company name: Chachu Clothing is being built by Aloke Pillai and Tom Crews, two artists trying to promote a new style with a fresh name. Chachu, is all about being fly and all about being apart of the new generation. So, wutchu waiting for? Why aren’t you lookin’ Chachu yet!?


2 Responses to “Fresh!”

  1. Carlin Says:

    Hey I like the bold colors 🙂 Will see if I can send you some twitter followers. Keep posting ok? Get some dialog going, be people, engage people. Want to send me a shirt? I’ll wear it 🙂 Heck, I’d even tweet about it 🙂 he he
    Good luck and best wishes

    Follow me on Twitter! @carlincomm

    Carlin in Seattle

  2. YE14 Says:

    this shirt is crazy, i would definatly buy this
    lovin the colours

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